This Garden of Death – the History of York Cemetery 1837-2007

by Hugh Murray

This Garden of Death - the history of York Cemetery 1837-2007

It is 17 years since a history of York Cemetery was published describing the events from the founding of the original Company, through its liquidation to the acquisition of the site by the Trust and beginning of its work of restoring the chapel and rescuing the grounds. Over 1700 copies of the book have been sold and it is now out of print.

This new edition marks the 170th anniversary of the opening of the Cemetery and the 20th anniversary of the conveyance of the freehold to the York Cemetery Trust. Revised and updated since the first edition in 1991, the book contains a new chapter, illustrated in colour, describing the developments which have taken place under the ownership of the Trust. An appendix has been included describing the unique Register Database. In 2021 an index was printed to accompany the book, this is included with each purchase.

Price: £7.00 (£6.00 to members of the Friends of York Cemetery) plus £1.50 postage and packing.

Copies may be ordered by sending a cheque for the appropriate amount to: The Friends of York Cemetery, The Gatehouse, Cemetery Road, York, YO10 5AJ.