Burials and memorials

Carved detail from headstone, York Cemetery

“A beautiful place to spend eternity.” This is how one volunteer described York Cemetery, and this belief led him to purchase a plot here.

York Cemetery is an “Open Cemetery”, which means that people of any religion or no religion at all can be interred here. (An “interment” is a burial in the ground of either a coffin or cremated remains.) We welcome everyone; there is no requirement to be a citizen of York.

The Cemetery Manager and staff give their personal attention to every step of arranging and carrying out an interment and helping you care for a grave afterwards.

Whether you are interested in buying a grave for future use (cremated remains plots only), re-using an existing family grave, planning a funeral service, or arranging a memorial for or maintenance of a grave, you will receive careful attention and full consideration of your needs and wishes.

We are a small and independent site, therefore we have the time and flexibility and to work with you. We pride ourselves on our personal involvement in your long-term relationship with York Cemetery, one which we hope will be mutually satisfying.

York Cemetery Trust’s in-house stonemason is now offering a bespoke restoration and cleaning service. This includes the restoration of lead lettering, cleaning and refitting of kerb sets and the straightening of historical monuments as well as the clearance of vegetation. Please contact the Cemetery office for a quotation: 01904 610578 or email admin@yorkcemetery.org.uk

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